Chinese kiosk

Gero Heimann writes from Bejing. He hasn´t seen K67s in China until now. But he send a really nice photo of a typical Chinese kiosk.


Doing research on the COMECON like east european economical system.

Magnus Bartas

Jana tells me the name of a Swedish artist called Magnus Bartas, who also investigated on the K67 units. Searching the Internet I found information about his project “satellites”. He took also photographs from different K67 on different places in six countries, mostly Ex-Yugoslavia. He sees the “Satellites”, in retrospective, […]


Tahl Kaminer told me that he saw a K-67 in this “mutations” book although it looks more like made of concrete (“Mutations”, p. 344-348, “Use Network” Pristina, Stefano Boeri,


… that K67 was a successful east europaen product I send emails to friends which are living in the former east block countries. I ask them to look for K67 in their cities.


… that there is a fastfood K67 unit behind the central station in Dresden / East Germay I think about making a series of K67-photos in different countries.

Walking the city of Ljubljana

… I notice all these modulare units with their rounded edges. They seem to be a linking element in the urban space. I decided only to take pictures of the the city where there is one of these modules.