Monthly Archives: August 2003


Sophia tells me about two exihibitions in East Germany, one about eastern fastfood stands in (Domäne Dahlem / Berlin, „Imbissbuden – Essen ohne Grenzen“) , the other about GDR busstops (Verkehrsmuseum Dresden “Magic Bus”)

Marjetica Potrc

Sasa Maechtig answers my email and sends me some nice photos of the K67. The K67 unit has appearently such a big success that has even reached countries like New Zealand and Japan. A slovenian artist called Marjetica Potrc will use K67 units for their exhibition in the Museum of […]


A friend from Dresden tells us that quite some K-67-booths in Germany have to suffer from vandalism.

Chinese kiosk

Gero Heimann writes from Bejing. He hasn´t seen K67s in China until now. But he send a really nice photo of a typical Chinese kiosk.


Doing research on the COMECON like east european economical system.

Magnus Bartas

Jana tells me the name of a Swedish artist called Magnus Bartas, who also investigated on the K67 units. Searching the Internet I found information about his project “satellites”. He took also photographs from different K67 on different places in six countries, mostly Ex-Yugoslavia. He sees the “Satellites”, in retrospective, […]


Tahl Kaminer told me that he saw a K-67 in this “mutations” book although it looks more like made of concrete (“Mutations”, p. 344-348, “Use Network” Pristina, Stefano Boeri,


… that K67 was a successful east europaen product I send emails to friends which are living in the former east block countries. I ask them to look for K67 in their cities.